The Magic Behind Our InvisiBrand

With the VG Technology we have found a way to embed logos in our film. When a polarizer is presented in front of it, the embedded image 'pops'out. Rotating the polarizer gives you a negative color of that image. This concept also works with polarized sunglasses. Simply hold up an InvisiBrand over you shades and a logo appears before your magic.


You have to see it to believe it


Corporate & Organization Logos

Do you want to see your company logo in an entirely different way? Contact us to learn more about getting an InvisiBrand logo for your company or organization today!

Hometown Pride

Proud of the state or city you come from? Get a personalized InvisiBrand with your state, city flag or skyline and show off your new swag to your peers. (Only available in the US)

Custom Designs

Have a custom design of your own that you'd like to see embedded in our film? Send us a  message with your vector file attached to