The Future of Blinds 

At VG SmartGlass, we have redefined how window blinds work. No more yanking on tangled strings, dealing with broke slats or tedious maintenance. A simple swipe or turn of a knob and your window goes from clear to dark.


Our secret lies in the science of polarization. When you rotate 2 polarizers 90 degrees, you can change light transmission. However this will only work for the very few windows that are perfectly round.

The InvisiBlind® breakthrough is patterning polarized film to allow for a linear translation - which applies to nearly all windows. We achieve privacy, glare and energy control with a simple system that uses no electricity or phase changing materials



Horizontal Series

H1 | iVision

Built into a door, this product delivers instant  privacy at the turn of a knob. Ideal for use in the healthcare industry. The iVision panel is manufactured by Intastop, a VG SmartGlass licensee. For more information, please visit their website by clicking here.

H2 | Large format window

Introducing the H2 series for large doors and windows. This product delivers exceptional privacy, glare and energy control, perfect for use in commercial and residential applications. For more information on sizing and pricing, please click here or email us at

Retrofit options also available

Vertical Series

V1 | Vertical InvisiBlind

A different take on vertical blinds. The V Series gives your window a unique look, protects your privacy and reduces glare - with just a simple slide of a tab. Ideal for an interior or exterior facing application for both commercial and residential markets. For more information on sizing and pricing, please click here or email us directly at

Retrofit options also available

Please email to find out more about getting an Invisiblind® product today.