About Us

In 2007, the founders of SmarterShade Inc.  began to research existing technologies known as "smart glass" or "electronic dimming windows". The team quickly learned that current approaches were too expensive and impractical.  Through a number of years of research and development, the team developed and broadly patented breakthrough approach to smart glass. SmarterShade Inc. began the process of commercializing the technology in 2012 through a number of select partners.

VG SmartGlass was founded in 2014 as an entity specifically to commercialize the technology from SmarterShade Inc.  On July 30, 2015, VG SmartGlass acquired the assets and key human resources of SmarterShade Inc. The VG SmartGlass team brings:

  • Engineering Expertise to apply our technology to large format commercial windows

  • Glass and window fabrication partnerships

  • A vast distribution network

VG SmartGlass is based in Chicago and our mission is to scale our proprietary film technology globally across uses and applications.







Bill Griftner, General Manager

30+ years as general manager and in multiple sales roles in the commercial interiors construction industry including experience in product design, fabrication, tooling and production management.  

Mike Stacey, Founder

Co- founder of SmarterShade Inc., 15+ years experience in strategy, operations, business development as entrepreneur and management consultant

Jerry Hogan, Design and Engineering

Over 35+ years of experience in custom high-performance window design, and applications engineering (Sears Tower, Pentagon, US Embassy in Moscow)

Ryan Tatzel.jpg

Ryan Tatzel, Optical Film Specialist

Adithya Menon, Mechanical and Electrical

Abhiroop Chattopadhyay, Electrical and Mechanical